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The 10,000lb Health Gorilla No-One Talks About…



A huge gorilla

What if all the exercise, supplements, yoga, diet – everything you are doing – is only partially effective?

What if there was a huge, crucial factor in our health that hardly anyone even thinks about?

A huge gorilla

What if there was a critical dimension to health that has been so successfully repressed by vested interests that it is not even considered?

Well folks – there is indeed a 10,000 pound gorilla in the health sector that governs the success of every other strategy and tactic in the attainment of health.

We are talking about something so important it was crucial for the ‘big pharma plan’ to discredit it so profoundly it would be erased from our awareness. Yet, when it is laid out as I will lay it out – it is obvious.

Scientists Punished

Over the last couple of centuries, every scientist who explored this field of medicine was smeared, discredited and punished. Some of the greatest scientists including Tesla, Reich, Schauberger, Rife, Hahnemann and many others crossed this line to their cost.

We are talking about the mysterious subtle energy systems found in all living things. Life force, vitality, chi, qi, prana, orgone and many other names have been given to the various energies that flow around our bodies.

The evidence these energetic fields exists has long been established but rejected by the medical science establishment because it threatens the entire model they employ to build their business model on – not to mention the bottom line.

Meanwhile, secretive branches of the US and other governments have been developing the science to utilise energetic medicine with no intention to disrupt Big Pharma by releasing these technologies to the masses. But how was the great cover up accomplished?

The Rise of ‘Materialism’

The disappearance of ‘energetic medicine’ coincided with changes in the field of physics, where the underpinning Universal field known as ‘ether’ was eliminated by the materialist theories due to lack of proof of its existence around the turn of the 20th century.

These days, meridian energy lines and points can be detected by devices sufficiently sensitive to the ultra high frequencies these energies operate at. The existence of energetic systems in the body is long proven, but, lacking a theoretical model to understand them they have been ignored by mainstream medical science.

But Why?

The ever present threat of defunding and smearing of anyone daring to even discuss energetic medicine implies an ongoing investment in keeping energetic medicine from the masses. Why? The Big Pharma business model relies on illness to generate its profits and patentable, chemical medicines to treat (not cure) ailments.

Despite the fact that subtle energetic features to living things have been proven for decades, almost no-one who wants a career in science will dare to delve into such things for fear of being ridiculed and permanently blacklisted.

One modern exception is the brilliant Rupert Sheldrake. Sheldrake proposed a controversial theory called ‘morphic resonance theory.’ It proposes that that through resonance in subtle ‘morphic fields’ information is transmitted that cannot be explained through the standard material physics model. He further proposes that consciousness and memory exist outside the brain.

Rupert Sheldrake

Although Sheldrake’s theories do explain many observed phenomena that ‘normal’ science has failed to adequately understand, materialist scientists largely refuse to even countenance that such unknown fields even exist. Sheldrake is attacked and mocked at every opportunity, but due to his strong convictions he has not been intimidated.

One of Sheldrake’s books: ‘A New Science for Life‘ was called ‘a book for burning’ and a ‘heresy’ that should be ‘condemned’ by John Maddox in Nature – a once prestigious medical science journal now somewhat discredited for publishing highly suspect studies during the pandemic and suppressing others with better science backing them. His TedX talk ‘The Science Delusion‘ was banned after materialists pressured the TedX organisation – but has nevertheless had millions of views since the banning.

What scientist calls for the burning of a scientific book? Big Pharma, who essentially fund all science magazines, have clearly captured the scientific media along with Universities and other aspects of the science infrastructure including medical regulators such as the FDA. Whether by instinct to protect materialism or by direction from Big Pharma players, there is clearly an ongoing effort to suppress the emergence of more complete scientific models that might undermine the medical industry’s profit base and disrupt Big Pharma’s hold on medical debate.

The point about Sheldrake is to demonstrate how fiercely the science community are willing to go to protect their current dogma bubble. Sheldrake is just the latest scientist heretic to suffer the outright suppression that has continued for decades or more. Subtle energetics were included in every medical tradition prior to the ‘Godless’ medicine of the materialists, but due the the greed and ambition of the industry’s major players, they have been excluded from modern thinking.

How To Fix It

The good news is that means to protect your energetic integrity are available and are not necessarily expensive. From acupuncture and meditation through ‘grounding’ and protective devices, Vitruvian Coils, right up to alleged ‘medbeds’ that are already developed but suppressed from the public (for obvious reasons), there are countless options available. This blog will cover each and every topic of relevance, so, if this topic is of interest to you, please subscribe here:


The Lazy Person’s Guide: Chapter 14 – AI – Seven Free AI Health Apps You Can Use Today!



Lazy Person Cover

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the tasks humans perform and the way we all interact with the world. This is very good news for the lazy and/or smart person, as machines can now assist, enhance and even take over many tasks. This can either increase your productivity by orders of magnitude – or reduce the effort you must make to achieve those things you determine need doing.

Smart fitness apps and other health related technologies can massively improve our awareness of and actions on health related challenges. We can monitor and understand our bodies and its systems as never before, which ties in well with the hacks outlined in this ebook.

In addition, the new generations of AI are very advanced and can help with solving issues and challenges in life and with mental and emotional support we may need but not be able to access from humans for one reason or another.

Countless new tools are emerging and many of them will profoundly affect human lifestyle and health. Therefore it is important for the thinking person to understand and where possible utilise these new advanced technologies t improve their life and their full expression as a being. Below are some of the powerful apps already available for AI enhanced health:

Seven AI Health Apps You Can Use Today!

Skin Health – SkinVision for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Health Diagnosis – WebMD for Android | iOS (Free)

Health Support – Ada for Android | iOS (Free)

Health and Symptom Tracking – Babylon for Android | iOS (Free)

Symptom Diagnosis and Tracking – Symptomate for Android | iOS (Free)

Virtual Nurse – Sensely for Android | iOS (Free)

Diagnosis and Medication – Healthily for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

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The Lazy Person’s Guide: Chapter 13 – ‘Ormes’ and ‘Ormus’



Lazy Person Cover

Ormes (Orbitally Rearranged Monotomic Elements) also known as Ormus (in the product form), is a group of elements including gold, platinum, silver, irridium, copper and other precious metals that are believed to have special healing properties.

These altered state elements, thought to make up as much as 10% of planet Earth’s mass, are extremely hard to detect as they have lost their outer electron ring or ‘charge’ and don’t interact with the physical reality as they would in their normal form. For example, ‘monotomic gold’ is a powder. The gold atoms that would normally align and connect to form the metallic gold we know and love cannot connect as they have to charge to attract and bond them.

These monotomic (in copper’s case, diatomic – two atoms) elements operate largely within the ‘quantum’ reality, and it is at this level they appear to be crucial to many life processes. Quantum biologists have uncovered structures within cells known as ‘tubules.’ These tubules are so tiny they exhibit quantum phenomena. Ormes are thought to inhabit these incredibly tiny structures and play a crucial role in cellular health and body communication.

Orme elements appear to be a component in the elusive process that allows ‘consciousness’ to exist – particularly gold which is believed to activate the mysterious pineal gland – an inturned eye (your eyes are the outer pineal glands) full of unusually charged and structured water laced with monotomic gold.

Other orme elements are associated with various systems of the body, such as copper with the immune system.

Orme elements are found in a variety of sources, including certain types of seawater, certain types of soils, and certain types of plants. It is increasingly looking like ormes may have a very high presence in so called ‘superfoods’ and may be a partial reason for their potency in boosting health.

There is a large and growing body of anecdotal evidence suggesting that ormes can have a variety of positive effects on health, including improved mental clarity, increased energy, better sleep, and improved overall well-being.

David Hudson, who is credited with re-discovering the ancient alchemic medicine known as ‘mannah’ in biblical times, rebranding them as ‘monotomic elements.’ Hudson made his discovery in 1975 while analysing and observing the behaviour of soil elements on his farmland.

Those who have an interest in suppressing such things, have labelled him as ‘Material Man’ due to his wealth – which he used to fund research into Ormes. They also mock his references to alchemy and the comparisons between alchemic practices and quantum effects.

Research into ormes has been limited (as they cannot be patented and monetised – Hudson owns the patents and allows anyone bar major corporations to use them freely – so much for material man!). Studies have suggested that ormes may have a positive effect on the immune system. A study from 2013 found that ormes had an immunomodulatory effect, meaning that it could regulate the immune system. In addition, a study from 2015 found that ormes had a protective effect on human cell cultures exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

As Dr. Joe Mercola, an integrative medicine practitioner, explains, “Ormes, also known as ORMUS, offer a unique form of energy that has been used in various forms of healing for centuries. It is believed to be able to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being and is an essential part of the holistic healing process.”

In conclusion, Ormes are thought to play a vital role in body energetic systems, particularly the so called ‘subtle’ (hard to detect with crude instruments) energy systems referred to as chi and qi in Asian medicine and once known as ‘ether’ by alchemic medicine. The concept of ether was dismissed by physics but the emergence of quantum physics is revealing man hidden dimensions and systems underpinning the ‘reality’ we experience.

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The Lazy Person’s Guide: Chapter 12 – Grounding



Lazy Person Cover

Grounding, also known as ‘Earthing,’ is a holistic health practice that involves connecting the body to the Earth’s natural electrical energy. This is truly a lazy health hackers gem – zero cost and zero effort!

Proponents of grounding argue that connecting with the Earth’s natural magnetic and telluric energy fields can provide a range of health benefits, including reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and reducing inflammation – and they bring receipts.

Research has shown that grounding can indeed help to regulate cortisol levels and improve the body’s production of melatonin, both of which can help to reduce stress and improve sleep quality. Grounding can also reduce the body’s production of anti-inflammatory molecules, resulting in a reduction of inflammation and pain.

For example, a 2020 study in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology concluded that grounding was associated with a decreased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and improved heart rate variability. Another study published in 2019 in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine found that grounding was associated with a decrease in pain and increased mobility.

As Dr. Stephen Sinatra, an integrative cardiologist, explains, “Grounding or earthing is an ancient practice that reconnects us to the energy of the Earth, which is a giant battery of free electrons. When we become electrically grounded, we can benefit from the energy of the Earth and balance our internal energy.”

Grounding can be done in a variety of ways, including walking barefoot, sleeping on an earthing sheet or mat, or even sitting in a chair with both feet on the ground. While there is still much research to be done on the exact mechanisms behind the grounding effect, the evidence thus far indicates it can produce a range of health benefits. As Dr Sinatra puts it, “Grounding is a simple, affordable, natural way to enhance health and well-being.”

Needless to say, those who profit from ill health do NOT want you to know or do this practice which, in my humble opinion, is all the more reason to give it a try!

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